Who we are

Renaissance was founded in May 2013 by a group of friends who wanted to publish and market with a new business model: different from most traditional publishers, which are nearly impossible to get into, no matter how high the quality of the book is, and then have little to no input on what happens to their book; micro-presses and e-presses, where the authors are not only asked to do most of their own marketing, but the quality of the design and the copy-editing is often questionable at best; and self-publishing, which requires a lot of financial resources and work for marketing, designing, and copy-editing.

With Renaissance, the authors are involved in every step of the process and their input is highly valued, though devoted committees take on the difficult tasks of copy editing, designing and marketing to achieve professional results. The authors are asked to do a minimal part of the marketing (for example, sharing our social media posts, inviting their circles to the launch, participating in blog tours) and will receive guidance and help every step of the way.

Royalty rates are competitive, and books are available on all major platforms – printed, digital, and audio (in development!) – through major online vendors.

At Renaissance, we do things differently. We are passionate about books, and we care as much about our authors enjoying the publishing process as we do about our readers enjoying a great, professional quality and affordable product on the platform they prefer.

Who does what at Renaissance?

Renaissance started as a very tiny group of authors and book enthusiasts, and quickly grew to include amazing, passionate people who make up the team.

The executive committee manages the business as a whole, making financial and leadership decisions.

The acquisitions committee looks at the submissions we get in, and select the ones we will be publishing.

Our publishing team takes those manuscripts and turn them into books (or games).

Our authors give us the most important thing we have… books and games to publish!