Author Kaitlin Caul

Kaitlin Caul has three great loves in life; writing, drawing, and dragons.  She is also a gigantic geek and grew up on a healthy diet of Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dragonlance.  As such, she has developed a fascination with awesome stories, quippy characters, and things that go bump in the night.

Kaitlin was born in Toronto and proceeded to live in various places across southern Ontario during her youth.  She chose to move up to Ottawa after graduating from the University of Guelph with a degree in Psychology.  Her degree has helped a great deal in developing her understanding of the human psyche and just what gets under a person’s skin, but has not found much use in her chosen profession; cooking.  Her artistic side delights in the freedom of the culinary arts though, and she spends much of her time at work inflicting new recipes on her poor co-workers.

Now Kaitlin lives and works in Gatineau, where she splits her free time between assisting her fellow NaNoWriMo MLs with plans of how to drive themselves insane come November, and delving the depths of her characters’ minds.  She has published several short stories in various venues, and is the author of Life After Redby; a merry romp through the mind of someone who survived the zombie apocalypse by dying a lot.

Any other free time she might have is devoted to her two very demanding feline roommates, Isis and Bailey.

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Life After Redby – Forthcoming!

Life in the ‘Cosm

LITC cover

by Cait Gordon

Science-fiction / Comedy

What happens when boy meets girl but girl doesn’t notice boy because she shares a body with another boy?

When he’s not gorging on desserts, calming his hypochondriacal mum, or getting bone-crunching hugs from his warrior dads, Virj Ofreesin spends his time writing a fantasy novel about Frayda, the elegant half of the two-headed Dwa. Life is adequately mediocre until he learns the Dwa are gravely ill, and a mystical cure grows on a planet between two infamously warring worlds. Ignoring all warnings of danger, Virj embarks on the journey to be Frayda’s real-life hero, armed only with his stylus, and a boingy-haired nuisance who decides to tag along.

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Making a Living

making a livingBy Caroline Frechette

Young Adult / Science-fiction

Extreme paranoia, withdrawal, and sheer, unadulterated power run through Nathan’s veins. It was all he’d ever known.

Then he meets Annie, an undead ghoul. She sees, in him, the potential to finally succeed in her quest to bring herself back to life. In exchange for his help, she offers to show him that there is so much more to life beyond dumpster diving, living in abandoned buildings, and eating out of discarded cans.

When Nathan accepts the offer, he undergoes an incredibly dangerous journey to bring back the dead, confront his own past, and make his heart vulnerable to Annie, who may have a deeper connection to him than he suspected.

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