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by S. M. Carrière


Earth, 2404 AD

Much of Canada has been annexed by an alien force known as the daemon. Raised in a Vancouver ghetto on the edge of daemon territory, Bennejin Skye is adopted into the United Space Corps and becomes the commander of the highly successful, if somewhat maverick, Strategic Team 6.

When the outermost interstellar Way Station suddenly ceases communications with Earth, Commander Skye and Team 6 are sent to investigate. They discover a new alien threat—the insectoid Ragnar, who move through space consuming resources like a virus.

Humanity and daemon-kind realize they must unite in the fight to protect Earth. However, there are those within the United Council who believe this aggressor is daemon, and this faction will go to any length to rid Earth of her newest inhabitants.

Overpowered within the United Council, Commander Skye and Strategic Team 6 must turn rogue to save the alliance, or Earth and all who call it home are doomed.

“A military space adventure where Canadian soldiers face their Daemons, Skylark is truly S.M Carrière at her best. I could read it over and over.” -Cait Gordon, author of Life in the ‘Cosm and The Stealth Lovers

“Fast-paced and riddled with fun, this SF adventure won’t let you down.” -Marie Bilodeau, best-selling author of Nigh


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