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by Éric Desmarais

Paranormal suspense

At the Aux-Anges institute, nestled in the woods outside of North Bay, they study and treat parasomnias, or sleep disorders. Ashley suffers from night terrors, Terrance sleepwalks, Kiri sleep-eats, and Paul sets fires; they are there for treatment. Adelaide took the job as a counselor to discover why she still has an imaginary friend.

When they discover the secret hideout of an old club called the Dreamers, they are shocked to find that the five of them are connected through more than just the Institute.

Parasomnia has a great plot and a diverse cast of well-rounded characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it!” – Caro Fréchette, author of the Family by Choice series

Éric Desmarais is a master of characterization. He creates unique, quirky and believable characters who I hope to meet again.” – Sue Taylor-Davidson, author of To Pluck A Crow

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