Life After Redby

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by Kaitlin Caul


Die. Become a zombie. Get needled.
Do it all over again…

In Redby, zombies weren’t the enemy. They were just one step in a never ending cycle. Die, become a zombie, get a needle full of nanotech and live to die once more. Immortality. Or the next worse thing. But that was how life went in Redby, otherwise known as Zombie Hell.

Cassandra Saratores, former soldier turned zombie hunter (and sometimes zombie), lived in that hell for ten long years. Caught in the endless cycle of death, zombification, and resurrection, Cass became scarred inside and out.
When the walls came down and Redby became nothing more
than a sensational news story, those scars remained.
Now she spends her days in a mental hospital, reminiscing on life as one of the undead.

Ten years in hell changes a person.
When news arrives that Almesa, the company responsible for the zombie virus and its cure, isn’t as dead as they were rumored to be, Cass has to make a choice: remain in the hospital and work toward a normal life, or suck it up and reclaim her mantle as the last zombie hunter?

If Almesa’s plans succeed, the world is going to need as many hunters as it can get.

“If you’ve ever wondered what happens to survivors of the zombie plague, and if they can ever truly rejoin ‘real life’ again, this is definitely the book for you! Fast-paced, insightful and layered, this book delivers something for every zombie story lover.”
– Marie Bilodeau, bestselling author of Nigh





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