It Can Start – Astrya Fairchild

Our countdown to the winter solstice continues!

Around this time of the year comes a number of important religious celebrations around the world. To celebrate, we’ve brought together quite a few amazing independent authors and artists for an advent calendar of blog posts.

Each of them will write a short piece or create something related to the celebration closest to their heart.

Yesterday’s story was Happy Queer Holidays by Salem Leonard Goosby.

Today’s story is It Can Start by Astrya Fairchild.

Make sure to come back on Monday to see the next installment in the series, by Aurelia Osborne!

Happy Queer Holidays by Salem Leonard Goosby

Our countdown to the winter solstice continues!

Around this time of the year comes a number of important religious celebrations around the world. To celebrate, we’ve brought together quite a few amazing independent authors and artists for an advent calendar of blog posts.

Each of them will write a short piece or create something related to the celebration closest to their heart.

Yesterday’s story was Éric Desmarais’s story “Night of the Sisters”. 

Today’s story is Happy Queer Holidays by Salem Leonard Goosby.

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next installment in the series, by Astrya Fairchild!

Du coeur au ventre – Mel Lévesque

(This installment is in French! Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment tomorrow.)

Notre calendrier de l’avent d’histoires se poursuit avec une histoire francophone!

Suivez notre caldendrier de l’avent d’histoires ici!

Notre dernière histoire venait d’Amy M. Young, “Let it Snow!”

Aujourd’hui, nous vous partageons l’histoire de Mel Lévesque, “Du coeur au ventre”. 

Soyez des nôtres demain pour lire Éric Desmarais (anglais)! 

Holiday blog tour – calling all authors!

Calling all authors!!

Let me preface this cool (really I swear it is very cool) post by apologizing for posting about the winter holidays before Halloween is properly done and over, but this is something cool!

Would you like to be part of a sort of month-long holiday celebratory “blog tour”, to feature both your blog and your writing on our site and a lot of other authors’ blogs?

Here’s how this would work:

We all write a piece of holiday / winter themed fiction, poetry, or graphic short. On each day leading up to New Year’s, someone different posts their story on their blog. That way, we get to have tons of stories to read, and lots of new blogs to discover!

To participate:

– You let us know your intent to participate, and we assign you a date.
– You write one piece of fiction / poetry / graphic short, about /related to / set during the winter holiday of your choice, and make sure it’s ready before the date you’re assigned.
– During the month, you let your followers know when your date is coming, and let them know about all the other cool stories being shared around!

Dos and Don’ts:

– finish your story in time or give warning if you don’t think you can make it;
– think about positive inclusion in your stories;
– feel free to explore multiple religious and non-religious avenues;
– look into winter/holiday myths and legends and make them your own.

– write stories which discriminate against or put down marginalized identities;
– write stories which promote r*pe culture.

Please manifest your interest by writing to info (at) renaissancebookpress (dot) com.

We’re looking forward to reading you!

S. Evelyn Cimesa

S. Evelyn Cimesa is a passionate journalist, substantive editor, and social media strategist. She’s bold, ambitious, and lives to engage her audience through multimedia. When she’s not helping the team at Presses Renaissance Press, she’s writing the Homes & Condos section for the Ottawa Citizen.
Facebook: Evie Cimesa
Evie is one of the key members in Renaissance. She is part of the acquisitions committee, one of our main editors, and our main marketing strategist. She was one of our first fans, and one of our first volunteers, and her passion keeps us going in more ways than one!

Evie was an editor on:

Lust and Lemonade

Sue Taylor-Davidson

Sue Taylor-Davidson lives in Ottawa.  Her life has been full and happy, with a wonderful husband and 3 great step-children, a large extended family, commitment to Aboriginal issues, research jobs, library work, babies, animals (specifically cats), editing, NGOs dedicated to education and library development, lots of gardening, knitting, Shakespeare research, reading, art and writing.  She loves people and sings in a community choir.  Her education is diverse, ranging from health studies, theology, Native studies, library science and early childhood education.

Follow her on Facebook, or visit her website.

Books: To Pluck a Crow (Coming 2017!)

Blush now available for pre-sale!

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Our newest game Blush is going to print as soon as we’re done the French – and that means it’s available for pre-sale! You can expect the game to ship the first week of September. Plus, to thank you for getting the physical game during the pre-sale (this offer is available only for pre-sale, but Kickstarter backers will have it included!) we are offering you TWO buttons with  your game!

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Notre tout nouveau jeu Blush sera prêt pour l’imprimeur dès que la version française sera terminée – ce qui veut dire qu’il est maintenant disponible pour la pré-vente! Vous pouvez vous attendre à le recevoir dès la première semaine de septembre. De plus, pour vous remercier de vous procurer le jeu imprimé durant la pré-vente, nous aimerions vous offrir un petit cadeau (qui sera aussi offert aux gens qui nous ont soutenus durant la campagne Kickstarter) de DEUX macarons gratuits avec votre jeu!

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IMPORTANT NOTICE – Possible service disruption

Hi everyone!

As you may or may not be aware, Canada Post is set to strike very soon if a resolution is not reached. Please be aware that this will affect our ability to mail out our physical products for the duration of the strike. Our electronic products, such as ebooks, audio books, and print-and-play games will not be affected by this.

Here is what will happen if the strike goes on. If you wish to purchase a physical product from us (such as a card game, book, or book on CD) please contact us directly at [email protected] to arrange postage via a courrier service such as DHL or UPS. If you do not wish to use a courrier service, you can still make your order using the regular post cost, and your order will be queued until the postal service is operational again.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have any questions or concerns!

Be in one of our videos!

How knowledgeable are you about human sexuality? Would you like to show off your knowledge, or maybe learn a little bit more? Or maybe just lend a helping hand in promoting Blush, our newest game by Jen Desmarais, which we will be launching later this year?
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So, if you’d like to participate, please come and see us this coming Friday the 12th of February, between the hours of 2:30 and 3:30 PM, at the main entrance of E building of Algonquin College!
We are looking forward to seeing all of you!

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The Admirer – blog tour

admirercoverHello everyone! The Admirer has an ongoing blog tour.

Check out the blogs that will be hosting it:

Feb. 12th – Spotlight at Dealing sharing Aunt
Feb. 13th – Spotlight at World of Romance
Feb. 14th – Spotlight at Celtic Ladys Reviews
Feb. 15th – Spotlight at Lachelle Redd
Feb. 16th – Spotlight at Passion For Romance
Feb. 17th – Interview at Self Publish or Die
Feb. 17th – Guest Post at Writer’s Inspiration
Feb. 18th – Spotlight at  Indie Authors, Books, and more
Feb 20th – Guest Post at Heather Powell
Feb 21st – Guest Post at Not So Famous Author’s Blog
Feb. 23rd – Review at Reviews from Beyond the Book
Did you also know that author Aurelia Osborne has her own blogsite? Check it out here!

Brothers In Arms Excerpt

He doesn’t have time to finish, because I jump right on him, tackling him to the ground and punching his head with all I’ve got. The other guy is surprised for a second, but by the time he’s trying to pull me off, greasy snake is good and stunned, and I can start wailing on Harvey, too. Neither of them seems to have much hand-to-hand experience. They have grossly underestimated me, much to my advantage; just because I don’t have my powers doesn’t mean I’m helpless. I punch him square on the nose, and before he’s recovered his wits, I kick him in the stomach, pushing him away from me. I run toward the door, and straight into a huge guy, hard enough to make me bounce back a couple of steps. He seems completely unfazed, though, and just lifts an eyebrow at me. He’s gotta be at least a good head taller than me, and twice my weight, but I’ve fought full-grown men as a boy, so he doesn’t scare me. I punch him across the face hard enough to hurt my fist, and when that leaves him unmoved and unimpressed, I try kicking him in the groin. He just looks down at my foot like it’s a funny little thing, then picks me up by the shirt like I’m weightless, and throws me hard across the room. I hit the wall so high I think I bounce of the ceiling before falling to the ground, and my head spins when I try to stand up. Finley the greasy snake is standing back up, Harvey is holding his bleeding nose, and they’re both glaring at me like I’m the one who’s out of line.

Finley brushes imaginary dirt off his cheap suit, and looks at me with an annoying sneer.

“I certainly hope you’ve understood the futility of trying anything of the sort again. I do believe we should let you think about what you’ve done for a little while before we come back for you. That was terribly ill-behaved of you.”

He pulls on the lapels of his jacket as if to adjust them, gives his left sleeve one final brush, and turns to walk away, followed by the two other guys. The door closes behind them, leaving me alone with my misery. I hear Julie’s voice on the other side, asking me if I’m ok, but I don’t feel like answering, and I just curl up on my singed bed. I feel defeated right now. Trapped. It brings back really unpleasant memories; I haven’t felt like that since I was fourteen years old. I know I’ll get other chances, but I don’t want to talk about it with some stranger through an air vent.