Our Frankenkickstarter is ALIIIIVE!

Our Kickstarter is aliiiive! 

Our Kickstarter campaign is live as of right now! Help us get the funds we need to make this anthology all it can possibly be!! The campaign has amazing perks, and you should definitely go over to Kickstarter right now and check it out!! 

Here’s a bit more info:

We Shall Be Monsters: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Two Centuries On will feature a broad range of fiction stories, from direct interactions with Shelley’s texts to explorations of the stitched, assembled body and narrative experiments in monstrous creations. We Shall Be Monsters is a fiction collection that will feature explorations of disability through Frankenstein, queer and trans identity, ideas of race and colonialism. Shelley’s story provides a space for exploring a multitude of identities through the figure of the sympathetic outsider. Frankenstein’s “monster” is a figure of Otherness, and one that can tell stories of exclusion and social oppression.

About the Editor 

Derek Newman-Stille is a 7-time winner of the Prix Aurora Award, the highest award in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy. He is currently also editing Over the Rainbow: Folk and Fairy Tales from the Margins (Exile, 2018), and has written for publications like Quill & Quire, Accessing the Future and The Playground of Lost Toys. He has published academic works in works like The Canadian Fantastic in Focus, Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature, and Misfit Children: An Inquiry into Childhood Belongings. In his academic life, Derek is a scholar of disability and queer studies, examining how popular media portray oppressed identities. In his role as a critic, writer, and interviewer, Derek seeks to open up discussions about speculative fiction, fantastica, and the imagination.

The rewards: 

At the Electric level, you’ll receive an ebook copy of the anthology.

At the Monster Itself level, you’ll receive a physical copy of the book.

At the Monstrous Renaissance level, in addition to a copy of the anthology, you will receive a selection of Renaissance’s complete novels in ebook format. To find out more about the listed books and their authors, please visit https://renaissancebookpress.com/.

The Monstrous Selves level, in addition to having your name listed on the supporters’ page and receiving a copy of the book. allows you to submit a picture and Nathan Caro Fréchette will “monsterize” you, turning you into Frankenstein’s monster:




At the Raising the Writer level, in addition to having your name on the supporters’ page and receiving a copy of the book, you’ll be able to participate to an exclusive writing workshop on Google Hangout to explore your inner writer and improve your writing skills.

Stretch goals  

Audible Monsters: at 4,000 CA$, we will produce an audio version of the book.

A Monstrous Instruction: at 6,000 CA$, we will produce an ebook of Derek Newman-Stille’s The Essential Frankenstein 101 Syllabus. We will also record video lectures and discussions with the following experts:

– Scholarly Discussion on Frankenstein by Anya Heise-von der Lippe from Universitat Tubingen;

– Scholarly Discussion on the Universal Studios Frankenstein Films and Queer Identities by Sarah Milner from Trent University

– Scholarly Discussion on Frankenstein and Monstrous Geographies by Erin Vander Wall, George Washington University

– Scholarly Discussion on Frankenstein and 19th Century Horror by Sean Moreland from Ottawa University

– Lecture on Frankenstein, Disability, and Gender by Derek Newman-Stille from Trent University

– Scholarly Discussion on Frankenstein and Colonialism by Ashley Morford

If this stretch goal is reached, we will include a DVD of the full selection of lectures and/or links to streaming versions of the videos to all reward levels

A Monstrous Display: at 7,000CA$, we will produce digital Frankenstein Art by Derek Newman-Stille and Nathan Caro Fréchette, dramatic readings of sections from Mary Shelley’s 1818 Frankenstein, and a Frankenstein radio play performance. These audio and digital art files will be added as a CD and/or downloadable resource with every reward level

Well, what are you still doing here? You should be over on Kickstarter!! 

Five shillings and sixpence by ‘Nathan Burgoine

Our countdown to the winter solstice concludes today. Thank you for following it this month!

Around this time of the year comes a number of important religious celebrations around the world. To celebrate, we’ve brought together quite a few amazing independent authors and artists for an advent calendar of blog posts.

Each of them has written a short piece or created something related to the celebration closest to their heart.

Yesterday’s story was The Magic Man, by Jamieson Wolf.

Today’s entry is called Five Shilling and Sixpence by ‘Nathan Burgoine.

Make sure to come back next year, this was so much fun we’ll definitely do it again!

The Magic Man by Jamieson Wolf

Our countdown to the winter solstice continues!

Around this time of the year comes a number of important religious celebrations around the world. To celebrate, we’ve brought together quite a few amazing independent authors and artists for an advent calendar of blog posts.

Each of them will write a short piece or create something related to the celebration closest to their heart.

Yesterday’s story was The Spirit of Holidays, by Jennifer Carole Lewis.

Today’s entry is called The Magic Man, by Jamieson Wolf.

Make sure to come back on Christmas Eve to see the next installment in the series, by ‘Nathan Burgoine!

Let it snow! by Amy M. Young

Our countdown to the winter solstice continues!

Around this time of the year comes a number of important religious celebrations around the world. To celebrate, we’ve brought together quite a few amazing independent authors and artists for an advent calendar of blog posts.

Each of them will write a short piece or create something related to the celebration closest to their heart.

We opened yesterday with Jen Frankel’s short story A Christmas in Arabia. 

Today, we are happy to share Amy M. Young’s story “Let it Snow!”

Make sure to come back on Friday, December 1st, to see the next installment in the series, by Mel Levesque!

Jen Frankel – Renaissance Holiday Blog tour

We begin our countdown to the winter solstice today!

Around this time of the year comes a number of important religious celebrations around the world. To celebrate, we’ve brought together quite a few amazing independent authors and artists for an advent calendar of blog posts.

Each of them will write a short piece or create something related to the celebration closest to their heart.

We open today with Jen Frankel’s short story A Christmas in Arabia. 

Make sure to come back on Monday, November 27th to see the next installment in the series, by Amy Young!


Renaissance Holiday Blog roll!

We are a month from the winter solstice, and around it comes a number of important religious celebrations around the world. To celebrate, we’ve brought together quite a few amazing independent authors and artists for an advent calendar of blog posts.

Each of them will write a short piece or create something related to the celebration closest to their heart.

Make sure to check out their blog on the date they post their piece!

Jen Frankel – November 24th

Amy Young – November 27th

Mel Lévesque – December 1st

Éric Desmarais – December 5th 

Salem Leonard Goosby – December 6th 

Astrya Starstorm – December 8th 

Aurelia Osborne – December 11th

Talia Johnson – December 13th 

JF Garrard – December 15th 

Una Verdandi – December 18th

Jen Desmarais – December 19th

Derek Newman-Stille December 20th

Nathan Caro Fréchette – December 21st

Jennifer Carole Lewis – December 22nd

Jamieson Wolf – December 24th

‘Nathan Burgoine – December 25 


Please note that individual blogs may not reflect the opinions of Renaissance Press.

Happy birthday, Renaissance!

Three years ago today, we were launching our very first title, along with this company. Today, we have 12 books and 3 games released, three more upcoming projects with contracts signed, and many more interesting projects under review. To all our fantastic authors, to all our amazing, dedicated editors, illustrators, and designers, to the executive committee who works relentlessly to make everything possible, thank you. csaudhqweaizdwp 13775381_1037065476330051_6383729555195249414_n1
conseptember madonalimestone 11178209_1112712035420798_2445046161687046867_n 11215526_1112712025420799_7844348207842353289_n 12039707_1112712022087466_1071951192215933770_n 12066030_1112711695420832_6606834676915117813_n caro-and-jen 2016-06-09-19-46-39 2016-06-18-14-07-44
And a huge thank you to all of the people who have bought our books, left reviews, shared our posts, attended our events, and generally kept us in good spirits.
It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and we’re going further and further all the time.
Happy birthday to everyone who makes Renaissance possible!
2015-04-07 19.11.38


It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

caro-and-s-mIs that a dead body...?

Mega-author Launch Party on October 29!


Monster Launch on Saturday October 29, 2016!

What? Eight authors/creators launching things at the same time? WHAT? Door prizes? Readings? Games?? Is this the event of the season or what??? You have to come!


Featuring the following books and games from Renaissance Press!

making a living

Making A Living, by Caroline Fréchette

A Study in Aether cover

A Study in Aether, by Éric Desmarais

Blush promoposter

Blush, by Jen Desmarais

Bonhomme sept-heures new 2

Bonhomme Sept-Heures, by Evan May

kindle cover

Life in the ‘Cosm, by Cait Gordon

Come and see our authors at Can-Con!

Can-Con, or the Conference for Canadian Content in Speculative Art and Fiction, is one of our favourite events of the year. This year, our authors are going to be very present, on tons of panels, and even doing a special reading event!!

We will be taking pitches (our preferred way of meeting new authors) on Saturday from 12-1 PM. Please register at the front desk, I do believe we have 2-3 spots left!! 

Please see below for opportunities to come and see (and meet!) your favourite Renaissance authors:

Signing sessions at the table:

Each author has a special spot this weekend where they will definitely be at the table. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be there at any other time, but if you come during these scheduled spots, you can be sure not to miss them!

Eric Desmarais: Saturday, 12-1 PM

Caroline Frechette: Saturday, 1-2 PM

Cait Gordon: Saturday, 4-5 PM

Evan May: Sunday, 1-2 PM

Aurelia Osborne: Saturday, 2-3 PM

Madona Skaff-Koren: Saturday, 3-4 PM

Reading by Renaissance authors:

Four of our authors will be reading from their books on Saturday, from 2 to 3 PM. Come and listen to the new works of Eric Desmarais, Caroline Frechette, Cait Gordon and Madona Skaff-Koren! 

Authors on panels:

A few of our authors will be speaking on panels this year! Here is their schedule:

Caroline Frechette

FRIDAY: 7 PM, Ursula K. Le Guin, contributions and legacy; 8 PM, Challenging creative marriages: comic book writers and artists working together

SATURDAY: 10 AM, Different ways to pitch a novel to a Publisher or Agent; 5 PM, Beyond the Coming Out Story: New queer narratives in speculative fiction

SUNDAY: 10 AM, 40 creative choices that drive away audiences; 1 PM, The Diversification of the Comics industry

Evan May

SATURDAY: 11 AM, Why doesn’t epic fantasy get critical respect?; 7 PM, Ye Olde Medievalisms in Fantasy

SUNDAY: 11 AM, Want to be on Programming Next Year?

Madona Skaff-Koren

SATURDAY: 10 AM, Weird and Different Sensory Perception in Animals

SUNDAY: 11 AM, Bodies of Difference: Disability in Spec Fic

Four authors. Five books. Two games. One mega launch party.

Join us at the Royal Oak (161 Laurier St., Ottawa) on Sunday October 25th, 2015, at 1:00 PM, for a celebration.

There will be readings by the authors, prizes to win, special prices and of course, the opportunity to get your books signed.

We will be celebrating the release of five novels: 

humanHuman by S.M. Carriere: Supernatural suspense. Things spiral quickly out of control as Aleksandar, Prince of House Svetoslav, is drawn into a cat and mouse game with a deranged kidnapper targeting those closest to him. Betrayal draws Aleksandar and Detective Brody together in a frantic battle to save Alexandar’s human lover and the city from a true monster.

ISBN 978-0993850912 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

The King in Darkness by Evan May: SET IN OTTAWA! Supernatural suspense. Adam Godwinson, cover with outline rgbformer priest, isn’t sure what he believes in anymore. These days he deals in used books at a small store in Ottawa. But an old text, written in an unfamiliar language, is about to change that forever. Adam now finds himself the target of a powerful conspiracy. These shadowy figures, wielding abilities he can’t understand, want to cleanse society of its sins – even if that means destroying it. Adam will have to figure out what he believes in to have a chance to save himself and the rest of the world.
ISBN 978-0-9936575-9-7 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

blood mattersBlood Matters by Caroline Frechette: Supernatural suspense. It’s been five years. Five years since GenEx. Five years since the world was completely changed. And now Alex feels responsible for integrating extrahumans with the “normals.” He must also take care of the gravely-ill Mister Lupino. When his son, Nicholas, suddenly reappears in his life under tragic circumstances, Alex doesn’t know if he can take it. Maybe that’s why he starts seeing people that aren’t there, and hearing sobs in the night. Maybe it’s all of the stress. Or, maybe, it’s something else.
ISBN 978-1-987963-07-6 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

skaff cover printJourney of a Thousand Steps by Madona Skaff-Koren: SET IN OTTAWA! Mystery. Naya had the perfect life. Co-owner of a fast growing security software company, she ran marathons in her spare time. Suddenly everything changed when she developed multiple sclerosis, and now she can barely climb a flight of stairs. Hiding at home, her computer the only contact with the outside world, she reconnects with her childhood best friend.
But when her friend disappears and the police dismiss her concerns, Naya leaves the safety of her home to find her. She ignores her physical limitations to follow a convoluted trail from high tech suspects to drug dealers, all while becoming an irritant to the police.
ISBN 978-1-987963-02-1 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

unblocked kindle coverUnblocked by Caroline Frechette: NONFICTION. Have you ever at a blank page in fear? Or abandoned a story because you got stuck? Did you really have to write those other new ideas instead? And, the dreaded question: is my prose good enough?
If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t write for any reason, this book is for you.
By listing the common causes of writer’s block, it will help you figure out what’s stopping your progress… and then provide practical, actionable solutions to get unblocked!
ISBN 978-1-987963-04-5 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

And two games: 

boxA Match Made in Austen: A Match Made In Austen is a game of storytelling, strategy and serendipity, inspired by the timeless works of Jane Austen. Tell your story, roll the dice, and see if your matches are made in heaven or in hell… or in Austen.
ISBN 978-1-987963-01-4 – AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 10TH.


extrahumansExtrahumans: Mafia, Monsters and Supers is a cooperative adventure card game based on the Family by Choice series by Caroline Frechette. While it is absolutely not necessary to have read the books before playing the game, it certainly adds to the enjoyment. Pick one of the series’ most prominent characters, and team up to get through events alive… but be careful! Resources are limited, and if one of you dies, you all lose the game!
ISBN 978-1-987963-10-6 – AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 10TH.


For more information, please contact Renaissance Press: [email protected]

Fall events

We’ve got a bunch of events lined up this Fall!

First off, we’ll be at Creative Ottawa Nerds craft fair – fall edition! This is happening on September 12th 2015. Make sure not to miss it, this will be the first time we have our games available for sale at an event!

After that, our next stop is the Ottawa Geek Market, which, this year only, is combined with the Capital Gaming Expo (formerly Game Summit). This is going to be a HUGE event if you are into games and/or geeky stuff: you won’t want to miss it! We’ll have our games as well as all our upcoming releases available for sale there, at special event prices!

And on Halloween weekend, we’re gearing up for a big event… more news on that as soon as it’s confirmed!

A Match Made In Austen – funding successful!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped make this project a reality both by backing the project and sharing our posts. Just a few minutes ago, A Match Made In Austen was officially successfully funded. We owe a lot of this victory to all of you, and we’re really excited to finish producing the game and sending it to all of you!! Thank you so much!


Prose in the Park!

We just want to remind everyone that we will be participating in Prose in the Park! All of our books are going to be available at the special event pricing, and it’s FREE to attend!! We’re expecting to see lots and lots of people on June 6th, and we hope to see you too!! You can find the details below.

On June 6, Canada’s newest literary festival and book fair will take place in the Parkdale Park in Ottawa from 11 am to 6 pm. There is an amazing line-up of 79 moderators, panelists, special event authors and authors reading at the open-mic stage. Over 100 authors and publishers will be selling directly to the public hundreds of fine works of fiction and non-fiction.

Prose in the Park is free and everyone is welcome. This is an event not to be missed! Click here for the full program.

Like then on Facebook!
Join the Facebook event!
For more on Prose in the Park and its fantastic line-up, click here!

You can now follow Prose in the Park on Twitter at @proseinthepark1 and use their hashtag ‪#‎proseinthepark‬ to help get the word out there.

Our Kickstarter is getting lots of attention!

cardsIt’s been a week since we started our Kickstarter campaign for our game A Match Made In Austen: a storytelling card gameand it’s getting lots of attention! We’re already at one third of our goal,

Today, Apartment 613 just featured it on their blog. In the last week, GamerXP and Casual Game Revolution featured it on their respective blogs, and GamerXP even did a full interview with us about it!

We also had a wonderful time with our playtest at CanGames yesterday.

We’re so grateful to everyone who’s helped fund our project, and who’s passed on the information about it. Thank you for all your support!! We really hope to make this game a reality!!

Come play with us!


You have probably heard by now about our up and coming storytelling card game A Match Made In Austenfor which we are currently running a Kickstarter campaign. Well, we will be hosting a test play at CanGames 2015, on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM. We have a four-hour slot, so we will be running several play-throughs (the game takes about 45 minutes to an hour to play, depending on the number of players), so you will definitely have a chance to play! Come and try the game!stickers