Blush’s Kickstarter campaign begins today!!

We just launched the Kickstarter campaign for our newest game, Blush. Check it out!

The traditional “talk,” when parents talk to their kids about sex, can be intimidating, awkward, and is all too often avoided. Kids often dread asking the questions they have, and parents often feel they lack the tools and knowledge to address these questions when they are asked, or rely on the schools to address them.

However, kids who are shy about asking the people they love and trust the most the questions they have about sex are not any more likely to feel comfortable in a classroom full of their peers. The fear of being judged, or even just perceived as weird, can be paralyzing, and often the only way people feel safe discussing these issues is if the subject is brought up by someone or something else.

With 200 questions (and their answers!) this trivia game is the perfect tool to initiate important discussions about all aspects of sexuality. With subjects like reproduction, general health, gender identity, and sexual orientation, Blush aims to help parents and teachers approach the topic of sexual health with their teens and pre-teens, and to give kids the opportunity to ask the questions they have in an atmosphere of fun and comfort.

Learn more by watching our video:

Check out the campaign!


Family version: For 3-10 players

200 questions on 100 cards, 40 voting cards (4 per player), instructions

Classroom version: For 2-30 students and one facilitator

200 questions on 100 cards, 120 large voting cards, instructions

The rewards!

On top of the actual game, we offer a button with every physical reward!

We also offer two educational posters, one which discusses consent, and one which approaches the topic of how to know whether you’re ready to have sex, with some rewards (you will have the ability to choose which poster you want if your reward includes only one!)

Stretch goals

We have a few other ideas should our project fund beyond its initial goal!!

At 5000$ : we will add 50 new questions to the game, for a total of 250!

At 7500$: we will add two educational posters to the existing ones, plus a series of cards illustrating the existing sexual orientations and gender identities!

At 10,000$ we will add another 50 questions, for a total of 300!


More information 

To find out more about the project:

To ask an anonymous question you would like to see included in the game:

Four authors. Five books. Two games. One mega launch party.

Join us at the Royal Oak (161 Laurier St., Ottawa) on Sunday October 25th, 2015, at 1:00 PM, for a celebration.

There will be readings by the authors, prizes to win, special prices and of course, the opportunity to get your books signed.

We will be celebrating the release of five novels: 

humanHuman by S.M. Carriere: Supernatural suspense. Things spiral quickly out of control as Aleksandar, Prince of House Svetoslav, is drawn into a cat and mouse game with a deranged kidnapper targeting those closest to him. Betrayal draws Aleksandar and Detective Brody together in a frantic battle to save Alexandar’s human lover and the city from a true monster.

ISBN 978-0993850912 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

The King in Darkness by Evan May: SET IN OTTAWA! Supernatural suspense. Adam Godwinson, cover with outline rgbformer priest, isn’t sure what he believes in anymore. These days he deals in used books at a small store in Ottawa. But an old text, written in an unfamiliar language, is about to change that forever. Adam now finds himself the target of a powerful conspiracy. These shadowy figures, wielding abilities he can’t understand, want to cleanse society of its sins – even if that means destroying it. Adam will have to figure out what he believes in to have a chance to save himself and the rest of the world.
ISBN 978-0-9936575-9-7 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

blood mattersBlood Matters by Caroline Frechette: Supernatural suspense. It’s been five years. Five years since GenEx. Five years since the world was completely changed. And now Alex feels responsible for integrating extrahumans with the “normals.” He must also take care of the gravely-ill Mister Lupino. When his son, Nicholas, suddenly reappears in his life under tragic circumstances, Alex doesn’t know if he can take it. Maybe that’s why he starts seeing people that aren’t there, and hearing sobs in the night. Maybe it’s all of the stress. Or, maybe, it’s something else.
ISBN 978-1-987963-07-6 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

skaff cover printJourney of a Thousand Steps by Madona Skaff-Koren: SET IN OTTAWA! Mystery. Naya had the perfect life. Co-owner of a fast growing security software company, she ran marathons in her spare time. Suddenly everything changed when she developed multiple sclerosis, and now she can barely climb a flight of stairs. Hiding at home, her computer the only contact with the outside world, she reconnects with her childhood best friend.
But when her friend disappears and the police dismiss her concerns, Naya leaves the safety of her home to find her. She ignores her physical limitations to follow a convoluted trail from high tech suspects to drug dealers, all while becoming an irritant to the police.
ISBN 978-1-987963-02-1 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

unblocked kindle coverUnblocked by Caroline Frechette: NONFICTION. Have you ever at a blank page in fear? Or abandoned a story because you got stuck? Did you really have to write those other new ideas instead? And, the dreaded question: is my prose good enough?
If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t write for any reason, this book is for you.
By listing the common causes of writer’s block, it will help you figure out what’s stopping your progress… and then provide practical, actionable solutions to get unblocked!
ISBN 978-1-987963-04-5 – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 25TH.

And two games: 

boxA Match Made in Austen: A Match Made In Austen is a game of storytelling, strategy and serendipity, inspired by the timeless works of Jane Austen. Tell your story, roll the dice, and see if your matches are made in heaven or in hell… or in Austen.
ISBN 978-1-987963-01-4 – AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 10TH.


extrahumansExtrahumans: Mafia, Monsters and Supers is a cooperative adventure card game based on the Family by Choice series by Caroline Frechette. While it is absolutely not necessary to have read the books before playing the game, it certainly adds to the enjoyment. Pick one of the series’ most prominent characters, and team up to get through events alive… but be careful! Resources are limited, and if one of you dies, you all lose the game!
ISBN 978-1-987963-10-6 – AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 10TH.


For more information, please contact Renaissance Press: [email protected]

A Match Made In Austen – funding successful!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped make this project a reality both by backing the project and sharing our posts. Just a few minutes ago, A Match Made In Austen was officially successfully funded. We owe a lot of this victory to all of you, and we’re really excited to finish producing the game and sending it to all of you!! Thank you so much!


Our Kickstarter is getting lots of attention!

cardsIt’s been a week since we started our Kickstarter campaign for our game A Match Made In Austen: a storytelling card gameand it’s getting lots of attention! We’re already at one third of our goal,

Today, Apartment 613 just featured it on their blog. In the last week, GamerXP and Casual Game Revolution featured it on their respective blogs, and GamerXP even did a full interview with us about it!

We also had a wonderful time with our playtest at CanGames yesterday.

We’re so grateful to everyone who’s helped fund our project, and who’s passed on the information about it. Thank you for all your support!! We really hope to make this game a reality!!

The Kickstarter campaign for A Match Made In Austen is now live!!

boxHi everyone! You may or may not know this, but since we started two years ago, we’ve had plans to launch a gaming division, and it looks like we’re finally there!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work writing and designing our very first game, A Match Made In Austen, a storytelling card game based on the main works of Jane Austen.

To finance the project, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can get a lot of special rewards, such as personalized custom cards, which will only be available for that time!

cardsPlus we have an awesome (and very achievable) stretch goal which would allow us to make an expansion happen to add characters from Jane Austen‘s other works, such as Sanditon, The Watsons, and Lady Susan.

IMPORTANT!!!! If you are local to us, please know that we will make the delivery in person and that any shipping fees you would pay will be refunded in full.

Thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to the success of our gaming division! If you can’t pledge, we always appreciate the link being shared!