Authors/Anthology Editors

Meet our authors and/or anthology editors!

Nathan Burgoine

Author of:


S. M. Carrière

Author of:

Daughters of Britain


Kaitlin Caul

Author of:

Life After Redby

SONY DSCÉric Desmarais

Author of:

A Study in Aether

 The Sign of Faust



A Case of Synchronicity

Jen Desmarais_MG_4695

Author of:


Caro Frechette
Nathan Caro Fréchette

(Writing as Caroline Fréchette)

Author of:

Family by choice series 

Making a Living

 Some Assembly Required


Cait Gordon

Cait Gordon

Author of:

Life in the ‘Cosm

The Stealth Lovers

Co-editor of:

Nothing Without Us

Stephen Graham King

Author of:

A Congress of Ships

John Haas

Author of:

The Reluctant Barbarian

The Wayward Spider

Elizabeth Hirst

Author of:

The Face in the Marsh

Distant Early Warnings

Talia C. Johnson

Co-editor of:

Nothing Without Us

MJ Lyons

Author of:

Murder at the World’s Fair

2015-02-17 17.41.06Evan May

Author of:

The King in Darkness

Bonhomme Sept-Heures

Derek Newman-Stille

Editor of:

We Shall Be Monsters

marjolaineAurelia Osborne

Author of:

The Admirer

Thrills on Ice

Ronnie Ritchie

Author of:

It’s Complicated

MadonaMadona Skaff-Koren

Author of:

Journey of a Thousand Steps

Su J. Sokol

Author of:

Run J. Run

Sue Taylor-Davidson

Author of:

To Pluck a Crow

Death Stalks the House of Herbert

Una Verdandi

Author of:

Black Wolf

Jamieson Wolf

Author of:

Lust and Lemonade

Life and Lemonade

Love and Lemonade

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